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I am a retired academic physician (Professor of Surgery at LSUMC) who has long had a serious interest in photography
as an art medium, though most of my images are unconventional.

In 1972 I studied with Ansel Adams at one of the last workshops the master himself taught. In the 1980's as part of my medical research I obtained a precision Xray machine, and used it to make images of the very small blood vessels growing into healing wounds (microangiography).

Some of the images looked like abstract paintings, and I started to explore the uses of Xray as an art medium, thinking I was one of the first to use such methods.

In reality I was not , as Goby, Hall Edward, Dain Tasker, Albert Richards,
and William Conklin had preceded me, though I was not aware of that until
years later.

Four pages of Myers' images were chosen to be included in the 2013 edition of International Masters of Photography!

Montage X-ray and Photograph of Plumeria blossom
Montage X-ray and Photograph of Plumeria blossom

All Xray images are B+W, but in the late 80's I began making them in color, using filters in the enlarger and Cibachrome paper.

Most recently I have been digitizing the images and adding color in PhotoShop. Although I still do some straight photography,
generally I manipulate the images in the darkroom, making copies on high contrast film to obtaiBert Myers Fine Art Photographyn photographs that look like drawings (line derivations and prints from solarized negatives).

For 12 years I did holography, trying to develop 3D imaging as a medical teaching tool, but my efforts led nowhere. With the present state of technology, holograms are too complex to make, too expensive to reproduce, and too difficult to illuminate for optimum viewing.

All prints are archival digital and can be made any size up to 4 X 6 feet. The prints will be shipped in study cardboard boxes.
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